Soundwave Tattoos: Blending Body Art and Augmented Reality


Certified Soundwave-Approved Artist at Funhouse Tattoo

Soundwave Tattoos in San Diego

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo that embodies a moment, a person, or concept that is crucial in your life? What about a tattoo that really captivates people and expresses who you are? Most tattoos are inspired by these reasons and goes to the core why tattoos are so special. But how about a tattoo that you can interact with and listen to whenever you want? 

As one of the highest rated tattoo shops in San Diego, we are constantly looking for ways to pioneer and progress the tattoo industry and community. Now we take that one step further with a new type of technology that fuses ground-breaking body art with augmented reality known as a Soundwave tattoo. 

The folks at Skin Motion have developed a Soundwave Tattoo that allows you play an audio file from a tattoo using their patent pending mobile app. They refer to it as personalized augmented reality tattoos.  Funhouse’ very own Seth Reynolds joined Skin Motion as certified Soundwave-approved artist.

What is a Soundwave Tattoo?


A Soundwave Tattoo is a tattoo that is designed to mirror the shape of a given waveform of a recording and can be played back using the Skin Motion app. Under specific guidelines, the waveform is used as a stencil then is tattooed on the body and uploaded to the app that uses image recognition technology to identify the soundwave and play it back. Soundwave Tattoos can playback up to 60 seconds but the best ones are between 5-20 seconds. 

The recordings are limited to sounds that are not copywritten material. So, nothing like the chorus of your favorite Beatles song or quote from Anchor Man unfortunately. The soundwave tattoos work best when it is something that has been personally recorded. Things like a recording of a close family member saying “I love you” or your dog making those characteristic barks are what its about. Check out this video below as an example.

How does it work? 

A soundwave tattoo can be created in 3 simple steps. The first step is making the recording and uploading it to generate the stencil for the design. Once the recording has been uploaded to the app, the stencil can be taken to a trained Soundwave tattoo Featured artist in the artist directory. There are limitations to the Soundwave tattoos in terms of placement, size, and customization. Once the tattoo is complete, all that is left is to upload and image of the soundwave tattoo and purchase and activate it through the app. Once activated, the person can then open the Skin Motion app and use the camera of their phone to initiate playback. The app can currently be downloaded from the Skin Motion website or from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Soundwave Tattoos at Funhouse Tattoo

Soundwave tattoos have gained worldwide exposure with artists and clients alike. By opening the ability to listen to a tattoo, it creates an entirely new dimension of customization to the body art you carry with you.

In a recent press release, Skin Motion CEO, Nate Siggard said, “Southern California’s unique culture of art, music, and tattoos are what inspired the creation of Soundwave Tattoos and Funhouse Tattoo brings all of these things together to memorialize what we love most. Their expert artists and fun welcoming atmosphere are what makes a great Soundwave Tattoo experience.”

We are excited to provide this dynamic tattoo style to our clients at Funhouse Tattoo. 

If you would like to learn more about the soundwave tattoos or get ideas for your own design you can reach out to us for a free consultation by submitted the contact form below. We would love to hear from you and collaborate on your next tattoo.