Tattoos by Jeremiah Donnelly

Jeremiah Donnelly

Jeremiah was born in Queens, New York in 1980. Moved to South Dakota as a freshman in high school. Always fascinated with art and tattooing, he began his journey to learn how to tattoo. In 2004 he started his apprenticeship at Outlaw tattoo and piercing in Sioux Falls. Under the instruction of Jody Little. Being a biker ran street shop he learned to tattoo all images rather quickly. Being a black and grey artist, he leaned more towards realism, portraits, and neo traditional. In 2012 he opened Prophecy tattoo in Sioux Falls with the help of a friend. There he strived to do the best black and grey work in Sioux Falls. Always learning new tricks to make his tattoos better. He decided in 2017 it was time to move forward with his career, and moved to San Diego California.